Behavioral Health Services

June 8, 2022

Are there different types of PTSD?

PTSD affects about 6% of people in the U.S. Symptoms associated with PTSD include: Reexperiencing the traumatic event through dreams and nightmares, vivid or recurring memories, or actual flashbacks that feel like reliving the event. Flashbacks are especially common among combat veterans, who may feel like they are physically and emotionally still in a war […]

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June 26, 2020

Do You Know the Signs Someone May Need Help with Mental Health?

By Cheri Hinshelwood 5 Ways to Show Support in Stressful Times 1. Communicate. Stop by, call or stay in touch. 2. Connect. Share time or an activity. 3. Don’t try to fix it. The best thing you can do is listen. 4. Encourage physical activity. 5. Ask how you can help. And then follow up. […]

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