January 19, 2018

Vision Rehab Helps Kathleen Recover from Brain Hemorrhage

Alexander resident Kathleen Johnson has goals. At the top of her list is driving. Next up is a return to teaching yoga. And then there are a host of everyday activities – areas in which she wants to regain full independence. Her husband, Michael, believes she’ll get there. “She’s a very determined person,” he said. […]

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August 11, 2017

Solar Eclipse Safety – Viewing, Sun and Hydration Hazards

By Adam Harris The upcoming total solar eclipse has western North Carolina abuzz. Our area is directly in the path of the 68-mile-wide band that will experience totality, so locals and tourists alike are making plans to spend the day witnessing this historic event on August 21. In addition to the awe and wonder this […]

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September 8, 2016

Don’t Let Low Vision Keep You from Voting – Cast Your Ballot with Automark

With Election Day nearing, what options does a person with vision loss have to increase their ability to vote? The Automark machine gives voters at every precinct the option to see their ballot in large print on a screen or hear via headphones the list of candidates. This allows voters to mark their ballots without […]

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