April 13, 2022

Forever Young in Labor & Delivery/Mom and Baby: A Mission Treasure

Doug Young, a volunteer in the Mom and Baby department at Mission Hospital, is aptly named at 92 years old and counting as a volunteer--faithfully continuing his service preparing new mom packets for the last four years--even from home during the COVID pandemic. Doug helped hundreds of women navigate new motherhood through his efforts and many more Mission patients over the years, serving over 7000 hours in various departments since 2007!

A neighbor introduced Doug to volunteering at the hospital. He has held several volunteer assignments over 15 years, including many years as a Guide and in admissions along with HIT episodic projects and membership on the Volunteer Leadership Committee (VLC). Doug explained that “this group advised management on the operation of the volunteer system and was in charge of advancing funds which he earned in the gift and coffee shops and special sales projects. "I was treasurer of the VLC for a couple of years, and it was wonderful to see what our physical efforts produced in the way of property and materials for all of the hospital departments.” He stayed with this group and worked as a Guide until he could no longer physically do the work. But that didn’t stop him. Doug was asked to take over the Mother/Baby information project and has become a fixture in the volunteer room on the 5th floor, where the nursing and administrative staff are his biggest cheerleaders.

According to Doug: “My one bright moment here at Mission would be my continuing to work from home during the shutdown (COVID). Working closely with our management, we were able to set up a system whereby I delivered finished packets on Friday morning and, at the same time, picked up supplies to keep the packing line open. We converted my living-dining room into the work area, and even though it didn't look good, it did good." That's dedication!

Professionally, Doug was a stockbroker for many years and served in local governments in both large and small cities. These professions supplied him with good listening skills and a project orientation resulting in great problem-solving skills—all evident in his contributions to our volunteer program. “What I like most about volunteering is getting things done. What I don't like is when you cannot accomplish what you feel is the right thing to do.” Doug is a treasure to all of us at Mission, especially the Mom and Baby staff! Thank you to Doug for his enthusiastic efforts on behalf of our patients.