June 16, 2021

3D Mammography at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital – Now Available

3D mammography (tomosynthesis), available at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital, is a relatively new tool that helps us find more cancers and find those cancers earlier. With traditional mammography, the image is flat. During a 3D mammogram, multiple images are obtained in seconds as the x-ray machine sweeps across the breast. Images are displayed as a series of thin slices that allow our team to view the breast tissue one thin layer at a time. Cancers can be detected that otherwise would be hidden by overlapping breast tissue.

Since the breast tissue is able to be viewed in thin slices, our radiology team is able to reduce the number of women that need to come back for additional images, thus minimizing anxiety, inconvenience, and extra costs for our patients. 3D mammography is recommended for any woman needing a mammography regardless of breast density.

Learn more about the importance of mammography from Dr. Rachel McEachern, a fellowship trained breast imager:

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