Fun in the Sun: Summer Weekend Safety Tips

Woman putting on lotionSummer offers many opportunities for weekend fun – especially this long holiday weekend. It’s become tradition to spend this time under the sun and in the water, welcoming the arrival of the warm weather. But with this celebrating comes an increased risk for injuries, so making safety a part of your summer weekend plans is essential.

On the water

Whether boating, tubing, skiing or swimming, once you are in the water, you need to be thinking about safety for yourself and everyone around you.

Under the sun

It’s finally time to enjoy the sun! Just make sure you don’t enjoy too much of it.

Alcohol safety

Everyone knows about the dangers of drinking and driving, and this is certainly no time to attempt such a hazardous (and illegal) activity. However, excessive alcohol consumption during weekend activities can be just as dangerous, so make intelligent choices if you choose to drink while enjoying the weekend.

Have fun and stay safe this summer!

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