November 13, 2020

Meet Mission Health’s 2020 Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina

2020 Great 100 Nurses

(l to r) Courtney Sullivan, MSN and Nurse Examiner, Marie Antoinette Tan, MSN, and Haley Ramsey, BSN

This year, Mission Health had the opportunity to honor and recognize three of our nurses as Great 100 award recipients. All three of these recipients embody that nursing isn’t simply a career, it’s a calling and a passion.

Since 1989, the Great 100, Inc. has recognized and admired influential nurses across North Carolina, recognizing 100 nurses from the state who are nominated by their peers for this once-in-a-lifetime honor.

What Does It Take to Be a Great 100 Nurse of North Carolina?

These are nurses who lead and influence nursing practice in their own work environment, and for our system and region. Our honorees promote and advance the profession of nursing in a positive way in the practice setting and/or in the community, and actively seek ways to support nurses and other healthcare providers. This year’s three honorees use their voice as mentors to new grads and nurses, and are known to make Mission an inclusive environment for all team members and patients.

These nurses demonstrate integrity, accountability, caring and commitment to others’ growth and development, and radiate energy and enthusiasm – taking ownership in their practice and leading contributions and outcomes.

Meet the 2020 North Carolina Great 100 Nurses from Mission Health

Haley Ramsey, BSN – Mother/Baby at Mission Hospital

“Haley is loved and respected by her staff and endeared by her patients.”

Haley is known among her team for her wonderful bedside manner and attention to detail. She always provides excellent care to patients and is recognized for her leadership as a Mission Nursing Unit Supervisor (NUS).

Haley displays a compassionate attitude to both patients and her staff. She places great emphasis on safety and individualized care for all her patients.

Marie Antoinette Tan, MSN – 3 Heart at Mission Hospital

“Marie Antoinette exemplifies the meaning of a ‘Top Gun’ RN.”

Marie holds several certifications, including PCCN and GRN certifications. She also is active in several committees and projects.

Marie Antoinette is a preceptor to new nurses, whether they are a new grad or a new nurse to the unit. She is known to be a role model and team player amongst her team.

Marie Antoinette promotes the core values of nursing through volunteering within the community. She has volunteered annually for the National Southeast Couple’s for Christ Youth Conference, where she provides first-aid and first-response care for the event.

She consistently goes above and beyond in displaying the values of honesty, integrity, compassion and kindness. She is a great resource for her team and is an advocate for patients and their families.

Courtney Sullivan, MSN and Nurse Examiner – Forensic Nurse at Mission Hospital

“Courtney is a nurses’ nurse. She anticipates when colleagues will need her collaborative spirit. She supports and mentors nurses of all experience levels. She genuinely cares.”

Courtney has been an RN for 16 years and has received numerous credentials and awards, including: Rape Aggression Defense Instructor, Director at Large – Forensic Nurses (New England Chapter), Clinical Excellence in Forensic Nursing and she received the 2017 Nurse of the Year award while working in Alaska.

Courtney is a great example of compassion for the abused. She is passionate about advocating for victims of sexual crimes and domestic violence. Forensic nursing is more than a career for Courtney, it is a calling.

Great 100 Nominees from Mission Health

A congratulations is also in store for all our nurses who were nominated for Great 100 in 2020:

  1. Marie Antoinette Tan, RN, Mission Hospital – Great 100 award recipient
  2. Andrea Alvaro, RN, Neuro-Trauma ICU NUS, Mission Hospital
  3. Courtney Sullivan, Forensic Nurse Examiner, Mission Hospital – Great 100 award recipient
  4. Becky Guthrie, RN, PMPC NUS, Mission Hospital
  5. Haley Ramsey, RN, Mission Hospital – Great 100 award recipient
  6. Ashley Hudson, Nurse Educator, Mission Hospital
  7. Jessica Downie, RN, Mission Hospital
  8. Debra Robinson, RN, Mission Hospital
  9. Karen Franklin, RN, Mission Hospital
  10. Lianne Fagnant, NICU Nurse Manager, Mission Hospital

Nursing Is Our Mission

Mission Health’s nursing vision is to be a nationally recognized strengths-based nursing culture – always striving to achieve best practices in research, professional development, quality and nursing care to retain the experienced nurses of today, and recruit and mentor nurses of tomorrow.

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