Newborns and Coronavirus: Helpful Ways to Protect Their Health

Woman with BabyOne thing that won’t ever change? Newborn babies at our hospital and their mothers who get our absolute best, every time. It’s understandable for parents to have questions about what to be aware of with respect to newborns and COVID-19. Although there’s no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, there are ways to safeguard yourself and your baby from exposure to the virus.

Helpful Ways to Avoid Infection

Your newborn’s health is your top priority. And it’s ours too, even long after you leave our maternity ward. Here are some preventive measures we recommend to protect you and your family’s health in the days and weeks after bringing home your baby:

      1. 1. Wearing a cloth face covering is not a substitute for everyday preventive actions, and it should be used in addition to the preventive steps detailed below. A cloth face covering is not intended to protect you, the wearer, but it may prevent you from spreading the virus to others.
      1. 2. Do NOT put cloth face coverings on babies or children younger than 2.
      1. 3. Plastic face shields for newborns and infants are NOT recommended.
      1. 4. Cloth face coverings should not be worn by anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, can’t move, or is otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance.

Reduce the Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

During this time of increased stress during the pandemic, experts are cautioning parents about the effects of increased worry or fatigue that could affect their infants’ sleep practices, and potentially their safety. According to the CDC, you can help reduce your baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related deaths by doing the following simple steps:

Visit the CDC for additional resources and information on preventing COVID-19 [1].

The Importance of Vaccinations for Newborns

According to the CDC, an infants’ immune system is not fully developed after birth, and without vaccinations, babies are at a greater risk for contracting a serious illness.

Here is why vaccinations are critical to protecting your newborn’s health:

For more information about recommended vaccinations for your newborn, please view this helpful tracker created by the CDC. [2] And remember, we are always here to help. If you need additional guidance or have questions about how to keep your newborn safe and healthy at home, consult with your healthcare provider.

To learn more about our coronavirus precautions for expecting and new parents, visit [3]