May 14, 2020

CarePartners Hospice Nurse Featured in HCA Today

The following story appeared in HCA Today on May 12, 2020

Nurses Week 2020: Celebrating Heroes of the Pandemic

This past week, in the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve paused to celebrate Nurses Week 2020 and the 98,000 nurses across the HCA Healthcare enterprise. While the last several weeks have challenged all of us, there have been shining examples of perseverance, resilience, teamwork, and even celebration. As we round out this annual salute to nurses, eight brave colleagues reflect on what they’ve experienced, the decisions they’ve made and the COVID-19 moments that have defined them.

“Thank you for meeting this global health pandemic head on. 2020 was deemed ‘Year of the Nurse’ by the World Health Organization. We know this year has proven just that. Not only are you critical to HCA Healthcare, you are critical on a global scale. You are saving lives around the clock, and I could not be more proud of the way each of you has responded to the enormous challenge.” — Jane Englebright, senior vice president and chief nurse executive at HCA Healthcare

Mission Nurse

Beverly Switzer, Hospice Nurse

CarePartners Hospice at Mission Health (North Carolina)

Being a hospice nurse takes a special kind of person, which is exactly what Beverly is. She feels privileged to be able to hold the hand of a patient at the end of their journey, while comforting their loved ones.

Her calm demeanor, compassionate care and attention to detail does not go unnoticed. Each team member, patient and family member Beverly encounters sings her high praises. Many times other nurses say they look up to her as the nurse they “would like to be one day.”

In addition to hospice care, Beverly has been screening hospital visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Recently, Beverly got to take part in emotional reunion during a patient discharge. Due to enhanced visitor precautions, a female patient had not been able to see her family in quite some time. “I told her she had a visitor and her face lit up. When the door opened fully I saw the patients face turn to an expression of delight as her family member rushed in the room and they embraced,” said Beverly.

“Moments such as this reinforce how worthwhile it is to take these extra precautions.”