May 8, 2020

Mission Hospital Respiratory Therapist Featured in HCA Today

The following story appeared in HCA Today on April 28, 2020.

Kevin Haney, Mission Hospital (Asheville, NC)

While this is an unprecedented moment for today’s healthcare workers, Kevin is confident in his team and their planning at Mission Hospital, where he has worked for nearly 15 years.

“We have a good crew and team,” Kevin says. “We have a lot of safeguards in place, procedures and protocols so that when we have a patient who is suspected of having the virus, we’re extra cautious going into the room and doing what we need to do to take care of them and take care of ourselves.”

Kevin is also thankful for the public surrounding the Asheville, NC, hospital.

“Our communities are very supportive. We see it in the papers and from letters that they’re supporting all the healthcare workers here, which is a great thing. I think folks realize that we’re on the front lines and it’s a hard job.”

Kevin Haney
Kevin Haney, respiratory therapist at Mission Hospital