April 24, 2019

A Love of Community and Concern for Others – Q&A with Dr. Barrow

TRH Womens Care Ramsey and BarrowBrian Barrow, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Transylvania Women’s Care in Brevard, grew up in the Florida panhandle, which would shape his love for community and concern for others. We sat down with Dr. Barrow and discussed his passion for medicine and helping others, as well as his thoughts on serving the Brevard community.

What drew you to practice medicine in a more rural setting?

“I grew up in a very small, rural town in the Florida panhandle. There was only one school and no traffic lights. Everyone knew everyone, and it was a tight-knit community. I lived in a large city for college and my medical training. I missed the small town, so I was thrilled when I found out there was a job opening here in Brevard. I really enjoy taking care of people in my community who I can know for many years.”

How important is it to the population of Transylvania County to not have to drive a long distance to receive the care you provide?

“I think it is critical for our community to have the care that we provide available locally. Having our services available near home is convenient, and when someone can get their care easier it helps them stay healthier. This includes having our office in the community as well as our ability to provide surgeries locally.”

Have you seen the demand for services increase over the years as population figures tick up in the area?

“We have seen major growth in all aspects of our practice over the last several years. We stay very busy at the office and have a record number of pregnant patients we are taking care of. We also stay very busy doing women’s surgery at Transylvania Regional Hospital. I feel certain some of this is due to an increase in population, and the other is due to us being local, making it easier for patients to get all of their care near home.”

What are some of the developments in women’s healthcare you all are most excited about?

“I think the advances in minimally invasive surgical care continue to make surgery safer and helps patients get better outcomes and heal quicker. I also think the cancer screening tools that are becoming available continue to get better, which helps us catch anything earlier.”

What is one piece of advice you tend to give your patients?

“I tell patients it is important to continue to see your gynecologist even if you are past having children or needing Paps. I also try and remind everyone that just because you may experience physical changes with age that are frustrating, that doesn’t mean you just have to live with it — like urine leakage or vaginal bulges. Just ask us about whatever is bothering you, because we have really good ways to fix these problems and make you feel better.”

Brian Barrow, MD, and Jamie L. Ramsey, MD, FAACOG, practice obstetrics and gynecology at Transylvania Women’s Care in Brevard, North Carolina.

Both providers are accepting new patients. For an appointment, call 828-884-8860.