February 22, 2019

Don’t Miss a Beat – Signs of Heart Disease You Should Know

Don't Miss a Beat - Sign of Heart Disease You Should KnowIt’s Heart Month, and we want you to keep the beat all month long – and beyond!

If you missed the discussion on women’s heart health during Facebook Live on Feb. 12 with cardiologist and heart expert Sarah Ciccotto, MD, here’s a recap of our hearty conversation.

The signs and symptoms of heart disease:

  • Signs and symptoms may differ from person to person.
  • Classically, chest pain or discomfort is considered a leading sign of heart disease.
  • However, symptoms can include shortness of breath, fatigue and arm or jaw pain.

Our biology can affect our heart health. Not only does our family history influence whether we may develop heart disease, but men and women may experience heart disease symptoms differently:

  • Ciccotto explained that men tend to have more atypical, or uncommon, symptoms based on are generally considered to be associated with heart disease.
  • Even though chest pain is typically a leading sign of heart disease, women may not always experience chest pain.
  • Symptoms in women generally include fatigue and jaw pain.
  • Women may experience other risk factors not seen in men, including pregnancy-related risk factors such as gestational diabetes.

Dr. Ciccotto examined the risk factors associated with heart disease. Risk factors in both men and women include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Obesity
  • Diet

As Dr. Ciccoto noted, many risk factors are within our control such as blood pressure, cholesterol, a healthy diet and exercise.

Those are just the quick highlights of heart disease symptoms, risk, treatment and prevention. You can get the full overview in the full Facebook Live – in just 20 minutes, Dr. Ciccotto helps us have a better understanding of our hearts and reminds us the importance of taking care of them.

Watch the Facebook Live with Dr. Ciccotto

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About Sarah Ciccotto, MD

Dr. Ciccotto is a board-certified cardiologist at Asheville Cardiology Associates and Mission Heart. As a noninvasive cardiologist, her goal is to work with patients as a team to treat and prevent heart disease. Her professional interests include all aspects of cardiology with an emphasis in cardiovascular disease in women and pregnancy.

A graduate of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Ciccotto completed her residency at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and her fellowship at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.

Board certified in echocardiography, internal medicine and cardiovascular internal medicine, Dr. Ciccotto sees patients at Asheville Cardiology Associates and in the Advanced Cardiac Care Clinic at Mission Hospital, a 13-time 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospital as ranked by IBM Watson.

Learn more about Sarah Ciccotto, MD, by visiting her physician profile at missionhealth.org.