What You Can Expect from a Nation’s Top Heart Hospital (Infographic)

HEART33 - Heart Month_19 _1200x6302When IBM Watson Health announced its list of the nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals last fall, Mission Hospital found itself among the nation’s best centers for heart care for the thirteenth time. Who said 13 isn’t a lucky number? Mission Health is proud to celebrate Heart Month this February knowing that our patients and families here in western North Carolina have access to some of the highest quality heart care in the nation. That is why we #KeepTheBeat!

With the standards across the nation being set higher year after year, it’s becoming even harder to become one of the nation’s 50 Top heart hospitals [1]. Mission Health is raising that bar for patients everywhere.

What makes a heart program “the best?”

The people. Our team members are the heart of Mission Health. What they make possible is tremendous – with the numbers to show for it.

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Mission Heart - Heart Month, Top 50 Heart Hospital Infographic [2]

Breaking down the numbers

Mission Hospital was identified from more than 1,000 hospitals in the United States. Our numbers show:

If all hospitals performed at the level of of this year’s winners:

So what does it mean to be one the nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals? It means you can expect the highest standards of care for you and your heart. Take care of your heart and keep the beat this Heart Month.

Are you heart healthy? Take our Heart Health Quiz [3].

Mission Heart has been a regional leader in cardiothoracic surgery and heart care for more than 40 years. Our award-winning team maintains years of specialized clinical experience, and our physician teams with Asheville Cardiology Associates and Asheville Heart deliver a team-oriented, comprehensive approach to patient heart issues with a high level of technical expertise and experience. IBM Watson Health has recognized Mission Heart as a 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospital for the thirteenth time.

Learn more about heart services and care with Mission Health at missionhealth.org/heart [4]