December 27, 2018

Trending Health and Wellness Topics in 2018 – What You Loved Most

2018 Trending Health and Wellness Mission Health BlogMission Health’s blog is a hub of health and wellness information that thousands of you relied on in 2018 – 200,000 to be exact! In 2018, you took to heart important flu vaccine and safety information; you read stories of encouragement about your neighbors, kept up with the latest Mission Health news and events, and you sought expert advice on ways to simply take an active role in your health and take care of yourself.

We can’t wait to continue connecting with you through meaningful health and wellness information – in the meantime, here’s what was trending (aka what you loved most) on Mission Health’s blog in 2018!

Top 10 Posts in 2018

To kick off our top 10 list is a heartwarming letter and story from patient and WNC resident Brad Campbell, who shared his Mission Experience after a significant bike crash in Transylvania County that landed him in Mission Hospital.

Dr. Garth Davis with Mission Weight Management covered something many of us can relate to: stress eating.

It’s often something that people put off so perhaps that’s why we’re talking about it. There is growing emphasis on why you shouldn’t wait to get a colonoscopy – this story reminds us why.

Perhaps our shoulders are part of our bodies we don’t realize their value until they hurt? We hope these expert tips helped many of you who were seeking advice for shoulder pain!

Mission Health’s newest state-of-the-art facility opened earlier this year, which we are so excited about and glad that you were too! We celebrated with a ribbon cutting.

The 2017-2018 flu season was one of the worst to hit the nation – and we felt it close to home here in WNC, too. Just as timely in the last year as it is now are key prevention tips for the flu.

Sometimes stories about our neighbors help us create a more meaningful connection to something – particularly the flu. All too common but dangerous and deadly, the flu is not to be taken lightly and this story shines a light on that.

As one of the nation’s “most wired” health systems, we were happy to announce earlier this year a step on our innovative journey that makes managing your health even easier. Introducing the Mission Health Patient Portal on the Apple Health App!

Though Hurricane Florence was hundreds of miles away, we anticipated to feel the impact here in the mountains. Good on the thousands of you who prepared with this blog post that has safety and preparedness tips for a variety of emergency situations.

Some news doesn’t get old. This piece is definitely deserving of the No. 1 spot.

Thank you to the thousands of you who read the Mission Health Blog and connect with us online! It means so much to have you as a part of our community.

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