December 21, 2018

Video tour of the first department moving into the new Mission Hospital North Tower

This post has been updated with the new name for the facility, Mission Hospital North Tower.

Mission Hospital for Advanced Medicine - Sterile Processing Department Video

By Karen Vernon

Preparing to open the new Sterile Processing Department at the Mission Hospital North Tower

The new Mission Hospital North Tower is approaching a major milestone. As we prepare to turn the calendar from 2018 to 2019, our first department will move into the new building: sterile processing.

The Mission Hospital North Tower is the next step in Mission Health’s 133-year history of providing high quality, compassionate care for western North Carolina. From the first patient carried from a nearby home to the original Mission Hospital, to today’s patients who may be brought in by MAMA across the region, we continue to make medical advances – adapting to the needs of our community.

One of those advances is the brand new consolidated sterile processing department (SPD), which will be the first service to occupy the new building. Sterile processing has the critical task of cleaning, sterilizing and preparing instruments for surgeries and medical procedures. Currently we maintain SPD areas on both the Memorial and St. Joseph campuses, but now we’ll be combining them into one area with state-of-the-art technology in the new Mission Hospital for Advanced Medicine.

Take a tour of the new department in this video

Take a tour with project director Toby Kay to see how the new SPD is taking shape in its 17,000-square-foot facility. Critical to ensuring patient safety, the new space is designed to allow separate areas for receiving soiled materials, then rinsing, washing and sterilizing them before they enter a clean area to be prepared for future procedures. The new decontamination side alone is larger than the entire current SPD space, and its 10 sterilizers will be able to process up to 4,200 surgical trays at the same time.

Construction continues on the new facility, and as we move closer to opening day later in 2019, we’ll provide more behind-the-scenes tours like these to show what’s in store.

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