December 11, 2018

Karen Gorby: Angel Medical Center: Helping You Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well

By Karen Gorby
President/CNO, Angel Medical Center

Angel Medical Center’s aim is to help every member of our community get well, be well, and stay well. We are invested in maintaining your health by partnering with you in your care and by helping you through your journey to wellness.

Our caregivers commit themselves to helping patients get well should they suffer an illness, experience and accident or require surgery. We provide a comprehensive, high quality range of care including walk-in clinic for routine problems like viruses and sprains, primary care for a longitudinal relationship and management of chronic disease, emergency services for those with serious and sudden health crises and treatment for life threatening conditions like cancer. Our rehabilitation services help both inpatients and outpatients alike; these services include general rehab after surgery, and occupational rehab for those recovering from a serious health challenge, like a stroke. We offer speech therapy and assistance in relearning daily living skills, like cooking, grooming, and household maintenance.

To help our community be well, we encourage patients to develop a true partnership with their primary care providers – establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with your personal physician helps you keep on top of your numbers – blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose level, and weight and more. This partnership helps you lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. The powerful physician-patient relationship ensures conversations about the importance of eating well, exercising, and refraining from tobacco or excess alcohol use. AMC offers vibrant programs and services that support this relationship, such as our sleep study services, to evaluate sleep apnea and other common sleep-related disorders, counseling for people with diabetes, and smoking cessation classes. Our infusion center also provides intravenous medication services for those with osteoporosis and common blood disorders, as well as chemotherapy, and our imaging services offer screenings like mammograms, that should be part of every patient’s “be well” program.

Finally, we understand that accessibility to care is key to helping you stay well – from our Mission My Care Now walk-in clinic to our new urology, neurology, genetics, and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) telemedicine clinics. Our two rural health clinics are also gateways to care for those without primary care providers. Partnerships with others will also help us keep our community well. The pending transaction between Mission Health and HCA Healthcare will fuel the formation of the Dogwood Health Trust and the Angel Medical Center Legacy Foundation. Both foundations will address our community’s social determinants of health: things like affordable housing, enhanced education, transportation, healthy food, job creation, early childhood intervention models and much more. AMC, our Community Relations Board, and a number of community partners also continue to look for networking opportunities and opportunities use community resources to improve health.

We know that our patients not only have health concerns, but also spiritual and emotional needs, so we aim to help them stay well with innovative offerings like our stroke support group, drive-through glucose checks, and blood drives. Our Passport to Wellness events provide creative, fun ways to learn about how to stay healthy, while our Ladies Night Out and Men’s Night Out programs offer peer support along with health information.

Thank you for allowing us to be your partners in care in 2018. We pledge to continue accompanying you on your journey to wellness for years to come and wish you grace and renewal this holiday season.

Karen S. Gorby, RN, MSN, MBA, CENP, FACHE, is the President/Chief Nursing Officer of Angel Medical Center. Gorby is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). For nearly three decades, she has served hospitals and health systems in Ohio before assuming her role at Angel Medical Center. Gorby received her MSN from Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine, and her MBA from Wright State University in Fairborn, Ohio.

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