December 6, 2018

Give the Gift of Good Health This Holiday Season – Healthy Gift Ideas

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas 2018 - Mission HealthWondering what to gift your loved ones this holiday season? Look no further than giving the gift of health! Sometimes the things that we need the most are the things we keep putting off buying for ourselves. Who doesn’t love a gift that’s something they’ll actually use? Indulge in the practicality, simplicity and thoughtfulness of these holiday gift ideas.

For the friend who loves to cook, wants to start counting their steps, could use some massage therapy or wants to add some small, healthy habits in their life – here are some health-friendly gift ideas to go around to your loved ones this holiday season.

Nifty Kitchen Utensils – We don’t mean just pots and pans! Introduce someone to the goodness of “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) by gifting a vegetable noodle maker. Things like zucchini, squash and carrots are all excellent candidates for alternatives to pasta noodles that can be lighter and gluten-free. While not the most obvious gift choice, nice kitchen utensils like a salad mixing bowl, mixing spoons or cooking utensils are useful.

Pedometer or Fitness Watch/Tracker – Counting steps is a thing. Help others be active, get active and stay active by encouraging them to count their steps. Achieving the recommended daily amount of 10,000 steps is much easier to do with a pedometer or fitness tracker.

Authentic Tea – Hot cocoa and mulled cider are fall and winter classics but both of these beverages can be high in sugar. A tasteful (no pun intended) and thoughtful gift, consider opting for a box of gourmet tea instead. Some ingredients such as chamomile and mint can also help with the sniffles and sneezes that can come after being out in the cold.

Posture Corrector Brace – Have a co-worker or friend who sits at a desk a lot? A result can be slouching posture over time that can lead to back, neck or shoulder pain or problems. There are posture correctors and braces that can help. Lumbar cushions are also ideal companions in the car, at the office or for use with any seat that does not provide adequate lumbar support. Their back will thank you!

Water Bottle – Drinking plenty of water is always in. One of the best ways to help others live a healthy life is to help them hydrate. A nice water bottle is just the trick. Consider water bottles that hold a sufficient amount of water, but aren’t too big to carry around/travel with, and are easy to clean.

Reusable Grocery or Storage Bags – Maybe the one thing keeping a friend or family member from investing in a reusable grocery bag is the cost. Simple things that people can actually use, like reusable grocery bags or food storage bags, encourage practices that are good for the environment and help preserve resources. Plus, who doesn’t love a reusable grocery bag with a design or pattern that matches their personality?

Essential Oils – The great thing about essential oils is the many ways they can be used and their many benefits. They can help with relaxation and can be a good accessory for someone’s personal wellness ritual.

Diffuser – Sometimes you can’t have one without the other. Getting essential oils? Provide some aromatherapy by gifting a diffuser.

Exercise Gear or Fitness Attire – Nothing makes getting your exercise in easier than having the right clothes or gear! Treat someone to nice outdoor or athletic gear or accessories that people can look forward to using or wearing on their personal health journey. Not sure what size they are or kind of things they’ll like? A gift card to purchase what they need and like will do!

A Wellness Experience – Opt for an experience rather than a physical gift this season. Spa treatments, massages, gym memberships and education classes encourage well-being through doing. While a massage or spa experience is considered a luxury, massage therapy has significant benefits to our health. Look up spas around the area and treat your loved ones to a holistic wellness experience.