Play It Safe this Holiday Season – Safe Toy Ideas and Tips for the Kids

safe toy ideas and tips for the kids - holiday shoppingBy Heath Nettles 

Toyland – a childhood’s joy land, but all may not be happy while you dwell within it.

Each year, toy-related injuries account for more than 251,000 emergency department visits. And we know that the hospital is among the last places you and your little ones want to find yourselves any time – but especially during the holidays.

Safety should be at the top of your holiday shopping list

Before purchasing any toy, keep safety top of mind for your children’s wish list (and check it twice!). Here’s what you need to know to keep your little ones safe this holiday season (and beyond).

Storing and disposing of toys properly

Once there’s a full scene of toyland in your home, it’s important to keep toys safe, secure and disposed of properly when it’s time.

With these tips in mind – happy and safe holiday shopping and toy playing! And if you’re venturing out to packed malls or stores, take care of your personal safety, too. Be well!

These safe toy-shopping tips are brought to you by Safe Kids WNC. Led by Mission Children’s Hospital, Safe Kids WNC is committed to reducing accidental injury among children in western North Carolina. Learn more at [1].