November 8, 2018

Knowing Your Genetics Can Help You Understand Your Health

By Suzanna Schott, Genetic Counselor

Genetic information can have a powerful influence on your healthcare decisions. There are many new genetic health tools being offered to the public, but not all genetic tests are created equal – and every test has its own limitations.

It can be an overwhelming task for patients and their families to navigate – sorting fact from fiction, choosing the best test, preparing emotionally and making sense of the results. Genetic counselors are by your side every step of this journey. When you are referred to a genetic counselor by your doctor, they can help you:

  • Understand family health risks
  • Evaluate genetic testing options
  • Make informed choices based on genetic information and personal values
  • Adapt to living with hereditary conditions or risk

Genetic counselors are experts at interpreting and explaining complex genetic information to patients, while providing emotional support. Mission’s Fullerton Genetics Center is home to six genetic counselors who live in our community. They have specialized graduate degrees and experience in medical genetics and counseling.

Talk to your doctor about how genetics counseling may help you.

Suzanna Schott is a genetic counselor at Mission Fullerton Genetics Center, the region’s only comprehensive genetics program.

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