August 15, 2018

In the Right Hands: Rehab and Physical Therapy at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital

By Donna Rhodes featuring Marion Macy, Highlands-Cashiers Hospital

Marion Macy, Manager of Rehab Services and Physical Therapy, heads the rehab department at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital that turns the impossible into possible. Patients with joint replacements, stroke, severe back pain, cardiac issues, neck pain, shoulder surgery, ankle fractures, knee replacements, or just about any injury or impairment will come out good-as-new or better-than-ever after just a few weeks of rehab/therapy. Macy says, “99% of our stories have happy endings.”

A lot of people with pain try to ride it out, thinking it will get better. Macy says, “There are two types of pain: Traumatic pain caused by fall(s), a car accident, and/or an unexpected arm/shoulder yank by a strong dog. If traumatic pain persists more than a few days, please see a doctor. He/she will give you a referral for the rehab team’s services. The second type, insidious pain (inflammation, arthritis. etc.) that happens over time, interferes with daily activities like getting in and out of a car, reaching in the closet for clothes or walking out in the community. See your physician for a referral, then schedule an appointment at Mission’s Rehab Services. You’ll receive a full evaluation, detailing the cause/effect of your injury.

The team will help you create goals. On average it takes just 6 to 10 visits to reach them. You’ll be ready for that European vacation you booked, visit to the grandkids, and a round or two of Pickle ball in-between.

The Rehab team offers a wide range of therapies, including Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapies, Cardiac Rehab, as well as a Lymphedema program, specializing in post breast cancer and/or other lymphatic issues.

National certified physical therapists have three years of P.T. graduate medical training in addition to a four-year undergrad degree. They know their stuff. Sharing back pain advice from a neighbor with a disc issue can actually hurt you if you have something else like spinal stenosis. A friend’s medical advice, although well-intentioned, and a buck ninety-five will get you a cup of coffee and a backache. So be in the know. Go to the pros at Mission for a treatment and a cure designed specifically for your condition.

You’ll reach your goals in no time, in a comfortable, fun and confident setting.

This article was originally published in The Laurel Magazine of Highlands.

Marion Macy is the Manager of Rehab Services and Physical Therapy at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital. Get a referral from your doctor. Contact the Rehab office at Highlands-Cashiers to learn more: 828-526-1457.

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