August 15, 2018

Meet Your Neighbors, the Construction Workers Building the Mission Hospital North Tower

This post has been updated with the new name for the facility, Mission Hospital North Tower.

Imagine building your community’s new hospital – the same place where your whole life began.

The Mission Hospital North Tower is a promise for a brighter future and a better experience for patients, families, team members and the community. Since a new hospital for our community was only an idea, more than 800 people, including community members, physicians, administrators and members of our Patient Family Advisory Council, have had a voice in helping shape the design and construction of the new tower that will ensure the continuation of the compassionate, quality care that started in Asheville more than 133 years ago.

Now becoming a reality, the Mission Hospital North Tower is a symbol of community and opportunity: more than 300 construction workers who call western North Carolina home are helping build the new facility, and the total value of products and services from local companies is more than $66 million. Data from the beginning of this year shows that the Mission Hospital North Tower has supported 955 jobs and brought $69 million in new economic activity to western North Carolina along with $22.3 million in new income to Buncombe County. The Mission Hospital North Tower, in return, is contributing to economic activity in our region and creating opportunities for our neighbors and local business.

Meet some of the people who are bringing to life our community’s future hospital.

Jesse Sparks, Marion

Jesse was born at the then St. Joseph’s Hospital (now Mission Hospital St. Joseph Campus). Now, he’s a part of the next generation of caring at Mission Hospital as he works on the new Mission Hospital North Tower. Although originally trained as an automotive technician, Brasfield & Gorrie provided Jesse with the training he needed to help support the construction of the new tower. Jesse operates the buck hoist, an external construction elevator.

“I’m most surprised with the attention to detail in the new hospital. Working on this job helps me understand how a hospital works and flows,” Jesse said. “It really means a lot to me to work on this project. It’s a really good job, and [Brasfield & Gorrie is] a good company that really cares for you.”

Kyle Roeder, Canton

Kyle went to Haywood Community College for horticulture and owned a native plant landscaping business before going into carpentry. He was hired as a temporary employee on the Mission Hospital North Tower in January and, because of his work, was hired permanently in March. Kyle works on a carpenter crew of 12 building anything to do with wood on the project, like safety handrails and sets of stairs.

“It gives me peace of mind to know that with Brasfield & Gorrie, I am able to provide for my wife and our baby coming soon,” Kyle said. “The job benefits are incredible, and having health and life insurance has been a blessing for my family.”

Kelly Stricklin, Leicester

Kelly started working on the Mission Hospital North Tower two years ago as a flagger and has worked his way up to labor forman, supervising 10-12 other workers. Brasfield & Gorrie provided significant training to Kelly to allow him to do all sorts of different jobs on the new tower.

His training and experience on the Mission Hospital North Tower project is significant to Kelly and his family – he will soon be buying his first house.

“I am most impressed with the helicopter on the roof of the new tower,” Kelly said. “MAMA will be able to land on the top and drop off patients to an elevator that will go straight down into the emergency department.”

The Mission Hospital North Tower is scheduled to open for services in fall 2019. The hospital will help ensure care for the western North Carolina region for generations to come.

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