July 9, 2018

Putting the Patient First – Q&A: The Next Generation of Medical Office Buildings is Here

By Cheri Henshilwood

President and CNO at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, Rebecca Carter, answers questions about the offerings inside the Mauzy-Phillips Center at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital.

Q. What makes care at the Mauzy-Phillips Center so different?

A. All providers work within steps of one another at this center. Patient care collaboration occurs seamlessly in a shared work space. Real-time consultation among providers happens while patients are at the center, often saving the need for additional appointments later. If an appointment is needed with a specialist, it can frequently occur the same day.

Q. What is team-based care?

A. Team-based care puts the patient at the center of care. Primarily, care physicians lead care teams at the Mauzy-Phillips Center. They interact easily with their patients and each other for planning and treatment. Social workers, pharmacists, care managers and registered nurses coordinate care and provide education to help break traditional barriers to treatment such as scheduling or access to specialists.

Q. What’s a typical appointment like?

A. Visits can either be a traditional visit or a team visit, depending on each patient’s needs. On-site labs and imaging provide timely information. The second story of the building is dedicated to surgical clinics including orthopedics, urology and wound care. With providers working together closely, treatments and care can begin right away. Consults may even take place in the same visit.

Q. What about patients without a primary care physician?

A. Mission My Care Now Blue Ridge, on the first floor, is a non-emergency center accepting walk-ins for minor bumps and bruises, asthma, cold and flu, depression or allergies. Patients who want a primary care doctor can be connected with one right away. If a primary care provider has an open spot on their schedule, the walk-in patient may see that provider instead of the My Care Now team.

Q. How does the design of the Mauzy-Phillips Center support wellness?

A. This building’s design included patient and provider input for maximum efficiency and convenience, where patients are truly at the center of care. A unique combination of providers is located here to address the health needs in our community including specialists like cardiology and orthopedics.

Rebecca Carter, MSN, RN, FACHE is the President and CNO at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital in Spruce Pine.

For more information on the services, or to find a doctor, at Mauzy-Phillips Center at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, call 828-765-4201 or visit the Mauzy-Phillips Center on missionhealth.org.