Pride Month – What Can We Do As a Community?

Diversity enhances the intellectual, emotional, economic, moral and spiritual life of a community. Among the diverse individuals in our own region is our LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Month is an annual celebration to bring awareness to the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals have on our communities in our nation and around the world. While we recognize we have made progress, we know there is much work to be done. The first step in fixing a problem is to recognize there is one and understand it. In honor of this year’s Pride Month celebration, let’s take a look at healthcare disparities LGBTQ+ individuals face and how all of us, as a healthcare provider or a member of the community, can help minimize the gap and uplift every person.

Understanding health inequity by the numbers

According to research conducted by [1], people within the LBGTQ+ community face significant health disparities due to societal stigma, discrimination and denial of their civil and human rights.

These disparities include:

What causes disparities in healthcare?                         

There are many factors that contribute to the growth of these disparities, such as:

How can we help?

Within our community we must come together to create spaces that are inclusive and healing where every person feels safe to be themselves. As individuals and neighbors, we must ensure that we are promoting an environment of growth, understanding and acceptance across schools, neighborhoods and housing; and equal access to recreational facilities, activities and especially access to health services.

Mission Health is proud to foster a culture that values differences and similarities.

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