June 19, 2018

Mission Hospital North Tower – Opening for Care In 2019

This post has been updated with the new name for the facility, Mission Hospital North Tower.

The Mission Hospital North Tower will transform the way Mission Health cares for our patients from 21st-century technology and integrated care areas to a larger emergency department centered on patient care. This new hospital is a promise for a brighter future and a better experience for patients, families, team members and the community.

So What Will Be Different in the New Mission Hospital North Tower?

The emergency department will more than double in size, resulting in shorter wait times, the ability to care for more patients and a separate area for pediatric emergency patients. In addition, there will be parking right outside the doors of the emergency department for added convenience.

21st-Century Technology Supporting Excellent Patient Care

The new Mission Hospital North Tower will be equipped with mobile technology to help navigate inside the hospital to help patients and families find their way. Need help finding a room? There will be an app for that!

In patient rooms, there will be a whole new world of smart technology. Patients will see their in-room television transformed into a care-delivery, education, communication and entertainment hub from which they can learn more about their condition. Outside the room, digital signage by the door highlights information between the patient and their care team.

Security is also enhanced by the smart room. Real-time locator equipment inside and outside the room can pick up on radio-frequency identification (RFID) in team member badges and allows patients to see who is entering their room. When a team member enters the room, the patient immediately receives a picture and a name on their television monitor.

133 Years and Counting

From the first patient carried to Mission Hospital in 1885 to patients brought in by MAMA today, Mission Health continues to make medical advances as our community grows and its health needs change. Mission Hospital started caring for our community more than 130 years ago, and the new Mission Hospital North Tower will continue to provide care for our friends, families and neighbors for many more. Every year, decade and century, there are different people carrying on our legacy and fulfilling our mission.

Learn more about the Mission Hospital North Tower at missionhealth.org/northtower.