June 8, 2018

Occupational Therapy Helps Children Succeed at Life

Whether it’s trouble holding a spoon or keeping up in school, when our children struggle, so do we as parents. It’s challenging and stressful to see our children miss milestones, get poor grades or experience social shortfalls.

“Some kids are fine at school, but when they get in the car or home, they totally melt down. This can be a sign of anxiety or sensory processing issues,” said Chelsea Lynch, an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics at Angel Medical Center. Most parents don’t know how to respond.

Amy Carter, a stay-at-home mom of six, and her husband, Monty, of Franklin have been foster parents for a decade, teaming with specialists to help the children they’ve cared for over the years.

The Carters adopted Cole and Kassie as babies. Both children struggled with developmental delays and attention deficit deficiency disorder (ADHD), leading them to the Angel Medical Center. Four-year-old Cole was just a baby when challenges feeding and rolling over became obvious.

“We built up Cole’s strength and gross motor skills,” said Lynch. “Now we are working on problem solving and self-control to ready him for preschool.”

Six-year-old Kassie had trouble concentrating and struggled to count and learn her ABCs. A yoga ball and special textured alphabet tapped into Kassie’s preferred learning style with her hands.

“Chelsea finds how each child learns best and suggests tools and resources to help. Through me, we work with the school and teachers as a team,” said Amy. Now Kassie is right where she needs to be academically.

“Chelsea helped our family to function as normal as you can when you’re dealing with special-needs kids. It’s meant the world to us for both Cole and Kassie,” said Amy.

Chelsea Lynch is an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics at Angel Medical Center. The Pediatric Rehabilitation team at Angel Medical Center works with children of all ages with these conditions: autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, sensory processing difficulties, social and behavioral issues.

To make an appointment with Pediatric Rehabilitation at Angel Medical Center, call 828-369-4171.

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