May 6, 2018

“Nursing Is Our Mission” – Celebrating Nurses Everywhere

Every year, healthcare organizations across the nation recognize nurses during National Nurses Week, May 6-12.

Mission Health is honored to take part in this observance week and bring awareness to the impact our nurses have on the people in our community with celebrations all week long – starting with this special video tribute featuring Mission Health nurses and nurse leaders.

“Ours is so much more than a profession. It’s a calling. It’s our life’s work. It’s an honor and a privilege. It inspires us to learn from experience, to reach higher, to do more. Nursing is our mission.”

Our 3,200 nursing professionals across Mission Health dedicate themselves day in and day out to fostering health and healing in all of its dimensions for the people of western North Carolina. Nurses are relentless advocates for our patients and our communities. With their unique skillset combined with continued education and their innate compassion, they are essential members of our care teams.

Few professions have the honor and privilege, as nurses do, of supporting the whole person. From moments of the most profound joy to the deepest sorrow, nurses share these life-changing and unforgettable moments, and every moment in between, with our patients and their loved ones.

Our talented and compassionate nursing teams demonstrate every day that nursing truly is our mission. We are proud to recognize our nursing professionals and the way they change the lives of our friends, family and neighbors.

To Mission Health nurses and nurses everywhere, thank you.

Celebrate Nurses Week with us

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Original Script    KAREN VERNON

Production Management    FERRISS ROBERTS

Creative Director    BYRON HUDSON

Social Media    KRISTA GREGG

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Cast — Employees of Mission Health

Nurse Answering Phone Call    BRITTANY HARRIS

Mission Hospital Nurses Running Gurney   GILBERT MATA, MARGO EATMON, BRITTANY HARRIS Mission Hospital MAMA Crew Members    CARRIE UNDERWOOD

MAMA Flight Nurse    ROY BARLOW

Young Patient    DEAN “DJ” MOHAMMED

Nurse Caring for Patient    THOMAS ANTHONY

Mission Hospital Nurse Talking with Visitors    SHAND HOWIE

Mission Hospital McDowell Male and Female Visitors    GAYLE DRIGGERS

Volunteer at Mission Hospital McDowell    PHILIP LONG

Staff at Mission Hospital McDowell Nurses at Huddle    JESSICA ECHERD (LEAD), ANN KLEINTOP, LYNN TYLER, TRACEY RHODES

Transylvania Regional Hospital Nurse Looking Up in Huddle    TRACEY RHODES

Transylvania Regional Hospital Nurse Putting on Uniform    JENNIFER YOUNGWOOD

Angel Medical Center Nurses Walking Down Hallway    ASHLEY GOUGE, SHARON JAMES, BECCA HENSLEY

Blue Ridge Regional Hospital Nurse and Male Patient    TRINA RUECKERL

Highlands-Cashiers Hospital Patient   MAURIEE “LOUIE” MICHAUD

Highlands-Cashiers Hospital Man Grieving    ROBERT CREDEUR

CarePartners Nurse Comforting Man Grieving    MEGAN BRANSTITER

CarePartners Nurse with Newborn    HEATHER RAY

Mission Hospital McDowell Newborn    AURON HALL

Mission Hospital McDowell Nurse and Female Patient Reaching toward Sun    MEGAN BRANSTITER, STACEY LOWREY

CarePartners Nurse Walking/Answering Phone and Helping Man at Bus Stop    MICHELLE MOERK

Mission Hospital Man at Bus Stop    STEVE SMIGELSKY

Volunteer at Mission Hospital Nurses Standing in Front of Hospital  GILBERT MATA, MARGO EATMON, BRITTANY HARRIS


Mission Hospital Monologue: Mission Health Nursing Leaders (in order of appearance)

Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services and President, Regional Member Hospitals     KATHLEEN CULHANE GUYETTE

Chief Nursing Officer, CarePartners    CATHLEEN ADAMS

Chief Nursing Officer, Mission Hospital    KAREN OLSEN

Chief Nursing Officer, Transylvania Regional Hospital    MICHELE PILON

Chief Nursing Officer, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital    BECKY CARTER

Chief Nursing Officer, Highlands-Cashiers Hospital    JACKIE MEDLAND

Chief Nursing Officer, Mission Hospital McDowell    KATHY HEFNER

Chief Nursing Officer, Angel Medical Center    KAREN GORBY