March 29, 2018

A Tribute to Physicians on National Doctor’s Day

By Krista Gregg

At two years old, my daughter has a toy medical kit that includes a stethoscope, blood pressure band and syringe that she proudly brings to me when I’m sick. She crawls on my bed and says, “Mommy, I’m going to check on you.”

As we go through her routine, I am in a moment of comfort and delight, because even as a young child, my daughter understands compassion and kindness – key qualities we all come to expect when we see our doctors.

National Doctor’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to recognize and thank our physicians for their never-ending dedication to their patients.

We hope you join us, along with the patients in this video, by saying “thank you” to the doctors in your life. Your message will be a wonderful return of the compassion and kindness we all receive from these vital clinicians on our path to optimal health and wellness.

This poem was inspired by the wonderful physicians in my life:

We thank them for their patience and love.
The moments of silence when they intently listen without question.

We thank them for joining the celebration.
When we bring life into the world or finally go into remission.

We thank them for standing by our side through the worst of times.
When our earth stands still and we’re overwhelmed with grief.

We thank them for their expertise and dedication to their profession.
For no gift is greater than the gift of health.