February 16, 2018

Mission Hospital McDowell – 5 Ways the New Hospital Benefits You

Set to open this spring, Mission Hospital McDowell will feature expanded emergency room services, larger inpatient rooms and state-of-the-art equipment.

So what does that mean for you and your family, the patients of the new hospital? Here are five ways the new Mission Hospital McDowell will benefit you:

  1. Expanded emergency department with 15 bays, including 2 trauma bays
    • Focused on patient flow in the emergency department, the number of bays will increase from 11 to 15. Capacity for patient volume surges will be built in. For behavioral health patients, a safe area will provide care while the patient awaits transfer. Our goal is to provide timely access to care.
  2. Local surgical care to meet your specific needs
    • 3 inpatient/outpatient operating rooms, including 1 C-section room.
  3. More space to call your own and to heal in privacy
    • 30 larger inpatient rooms, including 5 labor and delivery suites.
  4. Individual care provided before and after surgery
    • 12 preoperative and postoperative bays.
  5. Care conveniently located in one location
    • More than 105,000 total square feet, including a new medical office building. Also, a level parking lot will allow for quick and easy access to the facility for patients, family and loved ones.

The new Mission Hospital McDowell is opening in spring 2018.

To learn more about Mission Hospital McDowell, visit mission-health.org/mcdowell.