November 8, 2017

What Makes Asheville a “Top 15” City? The Answers Are Seemingly Endless

By Jenee’ G. Davis
Talent Acquisition Consultant, Mission Health

Our hometown of Asheville was recently ranked among “The Top 15 Cities in the United States” by Travel + Leisure, which got me thinking again about just how fortunate we are to live here in western North Carolina.

It’s no surprise to those of us who live here – but it’s also no longer the “best kept secret” among those outside of our region. As a recruiter for Mission Health, there’s one question I can’t help but ask our new hires:

“Why Asheville?”

I find that most answers have a common thread. Some are outdoor enthusiasts who have found a nature “theme park” snuggled in these ancient mountains. Others resonate with the true community feel of our city, while many are charmed by the Southern hospitality.

Digging deeper, folks say that Asheville beckoned them upon their first visit downtown or one of our city parks. Those with four-legged friends have pointed to Asheville’s dog-friendly nature, while the “foodies” among the bunch (who isn’t a foodie these days?) will speak for hours if you’ll let them extolling the virtues of our city’s cuisine culture. Music lovers? They’re in the catbird seat in our town, too. Between concerts, buskers and a weekly drum circle downtown, there is always live music on tap in Asheville. Speaking of taps, some new hires say this area’s “Beer City USA” designation is a big reason they chose to live in our fine city. Other frequently cited draws are our crafts, antiques, art galleries and boutiques.

The other question I like to ask candidates is, “Why Mission?”

Mostly, they quickly point to our high quality, innovative healthcare and distinction as a Great Place to Work and Practice. Others say they know someone who works at Mission that has told them wonderful things about the organization.

We have a saying at Mission, “There is a place here for you” and that couldn’t be truer. For those that visit Asheville, welcome. For those that stay, welcome home.

Jenee’ G. Davis, BS, CHCR, is a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Mission Health.

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