July 20, 2017

Summer Events Summary – Health & Wellness Classes, Support Groups and More

By Gabe Bryson

Did you know Mission Health is offering more than 30 support groups, classes, programs and other events for you and your loved ones this summer? Best of all, many of them are free.

Support groups
Being in a community with others through a support group with a leader-by-experience can be a very rewarding and comforting experience. Whether you or a loved one is facing mental illness, neurological disorder, inoperable disease, recovery from a traumatic injury or simply the challenges and rewards of being a caregiver, there are support groups at Mission Health that can provide you with the emotional and physical tools you need. View our calendar to see all of our support groups.

Classes and information sessions
Many of us are struggling to maintain or achieve a healthy weight. Are you ready to take the next steps and find a partner to help you reach your goals? Our free information sessions can teach you about a program designed to help you lose weight without surgery. Surgical weight loss is also a logical option for many people – but most candidates have myriad questions on the topic. Education is critical when making such a major life-changing decision, which is why we have free information sessions on surgical weight-loss options as well.

Education is also critical when entering a new phase in life. Having your first child? Becoming a parent brings fresh challenges and can be overwhelming. Classes for new moms and dads – and even grandparents – can help you wade through the often confusing world of having a baby, so you can focus on caring for that bundle of joy when the birthday arrives.

Just as challenging as planning for a new life, getting prepared for end-of-life can sometimes present uncomfortable conversations. Our End-of-life Life Care Planning meetings are there to help, allowing you and your loved ones to focus on spending quality time together instead of worrying over red tape and paperwork. View our calendar to see all of our classes and information sessions.

And so much more
From blood drives to Facebook Live, from Stroke Camp to Town Hall discussions with our hospital presidents, we strive to be there for you and help you feel confident, prepared, and informed when it comes to the most important aspect of your life – your health. Want to learn more? See our calendar to view all of our events across western North Carolina.

Mission Health has an event for you and your family this summer – designed to help you Be Well, Get Well and Stay Well.

Visit calendar.mission-health.org to view all of our support groups, classes, information sessions and more.