July 6, 2017

Training Champions – In the Dugout with the State Championship Baseball Team

By Calvin Mabry

For student athletes in today’s exponentially competitive landscape geared more toward individual success, cultivating a championship team takes what some might compare to the perfect storm. Common components of such whirlwinds range from players with an uncompromised work ethic, coaches, whose focus transcends mere preparation to the health and wellness of each individual player, as well as the right balance of skill and luck that takes an entire season to transpire. Albeit, as spectators, we tend to focus our attentions to the action on the field, seldom do we consider those in the background who can oftentimes serve as the difference between championships won, and opportunities lost.

Enter Nicholas Fischer, an Athletic Trainer with Mission Sports Medicine, and the lead Athletic Trainer for the recently crowned North Carolina 4-A state championship baseball team, the T.C. Roberson Rams.

Equally humble as he is skilled at his job, Nick stresses that all the credit should be due to the coaches and players for creating a year-round program that breeds success through concentrated strength training and conditioning, even in the offseason. According to Nick, “In a sport that can have many issues with the overhand throwing, especially overuse injuries (generally shoulder and elbow), my coaches built a program and strengthened the kids in a way that made my job exceedingly easy.”

However, in terms of his own role in the team’s success, Nicholas is also cognizant of the what he calls the X-factor. “I only had to worry about the X-factor during the season and watching games, being that anyone can get hurt at any time, especially in a sport where there is a projectile being hurled from a high eighties (mph) pitch to a high nineties ball coming off a bat back at an infielder or pitcher.”

Altogether, the biggest factor Nick would admit to playing in the championship culture is being the individual providing great on-site medical service for games and practices, the tools for which were provided by what he calls another championship team in Mission Sports Medicine.

Nicholas Fischer is an Athletic Trainer with Mission Sports Medicine.

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