June 15, 2017

Volunteer Spotlight – Ginnie Wearn of Spruce Pine Sews Pillows for Cancer Patients

By Phillip Fritts

Cut, sew, wash, stuff and sew. Repeat.

Ginnie Wearn has perfected that process over the past nine years she has volunteered at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital in Spruce Pine. “I make pillows for patients that are undergoing chemotherapy treatments,” said Wearn. “The pillows help support their necks and arms, making their time at the hospital just a little more comfortable.”

Wearn, originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and now a resident of Spruce Pine, began volunteering after she felt compelled to do something useful with her time. “I love helping others,” said Wearn. “Not to mention it keeps me busy, I am not the type to sit around and stare at a TV all day long.”

In total, Wearn estimates she has made over 5,000 pillows for patients at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital. “I am constantly at my sewing machine wondering how many more pillows I can make,” joked Wearn. “I especially enjoy making pillows themed for Halloween and Christmas.”

When not volunteering or making pillows for the hospital, Wearn enjoys hitting the golf course. “I turn 90 this December, but I still try to get out and golf once or twice a week,” said Wearn. “My biggest piece of advice to everyone is to just keep moving, no matter your age!”