May 16, 2017

My Healthy Life Podcast: Episode 10 – Nursing: Where Passion Meets Purpose

In this episode of My Healthy Life, our nurses inspire us through their heartfelt words and stories on becoming a nurse, being a nurse and what it means to them to be a nurse at Mission Health.

During Nurses Week, we asked our community to help us celebrate our very own nurses right here in western North Carolina by joining Mission Health’s Thank a Nurse campaign. Hundreds of you responded with heartfelt stories and appreciations on our Facebook page, @MissionHealthNC. Our very own team members responded, too, celebrating one another with special shout-outs and messages of thanks, which we are excited to share in this episode that we’re dedicating to all of our nurses across Mission Health who impact the lives of our patients and families across western North Carolina every day.

Celebrate Nurses Week with us

Follow along with @MissionHealthNC on social media to thank a nurse. Learn more about opportunities for nurses at Mission Health, our and the people who have been impacted by their practice at

Episode 10 — Nursing: Where Passion Meets Purpose

Nurses often say that in being a nurse, they are doing what they were born to do. We know it takes a special person to be a nurse, and while every nurse goes through standard education and training, every nurse’s journey is different — is that what makes each nurse so special? Our nurses shared with us what sparked their passion for nursing and each journey will inspire you.

When those they are caring for may not be at their best, our nurses are there to “be the best part of their worst day.” How do they do it–what keeps our nurses going? When we ask our nurses this question, we see common themes in how they do it – how they continue being the best nurse they can be – and it’s the people they work with, the people they serve, and their own support systems. The feeling is mutual, Mission Health nurses — you keep Mission Health going every day.


While we wrapped up Nurses Week, we recognize every day that we wouldn’t be here without our nurses. You can always recognize our nurses by nominating them for a DAISY Award, or by sharing your Mission Experience.

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Nurses featured in this podcast
Thomas Anthony, Mission Hospital; Gilbert Mata, Mission Hospital; Sara Doolin, McDowell Hospital; Justin Pannell, HCH; Melissa Sluder, CarePartners; Stephanie Norris, Transylvania Regional Hospital; Scarlett Cox, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital; Samantha Tomlin, Mission Hospital; Amanda Pack, Angel Medical Center; Ti Austin — Mission Hospital; Gina Scharf — Mission Hospital; Adam King — Mission Hospital; Jeanie Bollinger — Mission Health; Melina Arrowood — Transylvania Regional Hospital; Erica Reid — Brevard Cancer Center; Fern Pittman — McDowell Hospital; Holly Owen — Mission Health