May 11, 2017

“They Are the Backbone of the Hospital” – A Family Pays Tribute to Nurses Who Went Above and Beyond

By Nancy Lindell

As a parent, one of the worst nightmares is having to take your child to the emergency room. There is fear – both yours and your child’s – and thankfully there are nurses to help ease that fear.

Such was the case for Amy Ward when she had to bring her 6-year-old daughter Vallie to the Mission emergency department on March 24. Vallie was suffering from a painful abscess in her tooth – it was 5 am and her face was swollen, so Amy took her to the ED.

Amy explained that the ER nurse on duty only had about 5 minutes left on her shift when she walked in. “The nurse went right up to my daughter, used her stethoscope on my daughter’s teddy bear and then told her exactly what she was going to do,” said Amy. Vallie was immediately comforted by her.

“The nurses were so attentive, every time they walked by the room they asked how we were,” added Amy. “The nurse also knew they were going to have to do IV and was proactive in preparing Vallie for it. She went above and beyond to make us comfortable and to ease our worry about what was coming.”

Vallie was admitted for surgery to Mission Children’s Hospital. When she got out of surgery her heart-rate was high, fever was high and Amy kind of lost it – she was crying. The nurse took the time to calm Amy down and worked to help Vallie. When Vallie woke up, she was throwing up and the nurse quickly gave her anti-nausea medicine. In 15 minutes she was so much better.

“They all talked so sweet to her that Vallie thought they were part of the family,” said Amy. “This was an awful experience that could have been a lot worse. Nurses deserve to be recognized for the work they do. The nurses were the ones who were there the entire time – making Vallie and us as comfortable as possible.”

After checking out of the hospital, Amy wrote the following on Facebook:

BUT..NURSES. Y’all hear this shout out. You are where it’s at. I can’t write enough words about our care here since we walked in the door at 5 am yesterday. Everything was done to make my Vallie girl and I comfortable. Above and beyond. iPads..stickers on iv’s..and never entered the room without a “hey sweet girl!”

When asked if she could say something to those nurse, Amy answered, “Thank you – I hope that they are recognized on the highest level. They are the backbone of the hospital and what they do is incredible. This is something we can look back on and know we were taken care of – you cannot give someone enough credit who is taking such excellent care of your child.”