December 14, 2016

Scrubs the Elf Heads to Brevard for Several Stops at Transylvania Regional Hospital

scrubs_2016_trh_bcic_1Howdy ho, again, boys and girls! Scrubs the Elf here to tell you about my wonderful visit to Transylvania Regional Hospital…first stop, the Brevard Cancer & Infusion Center!

I met many new friends and got to see firsthand the quality care the BCIC provides to their patients. I was amazed at the caring and compassion I witnessed as I followed patients and staff. From the moment I entered the door, they treated me like family and met my needs, too. When I started to shiver, they quickly wrapped me in a blanket and gave me a mask to wear. I learned so much by visiting BCIC, but the top three are:

  1. The staff loves to educate patients and family. They make learning fun and don’t mind how many questions you ask.
  2. Receiving chemotherapy or infusions doesn’t have to be scary. The patients I saw were laughing, playing with iPads, listening to music and seemed to be enjoying themselves. (I heard patients say they actually enjoyed coming for their treatments!)
  3. The staff really focus on patient safety and teamwork. From the providers to nursing and pharmacy, they double check medications then involve the patient in the checks too. And I have to say everyone sure washes their hands a lot – over and over and over again! Seems like infection control is a BIG deal there!

But above everything else, what I really enjoyed was watching the JOY on their faces and the heart with which they work. They sure have the holiday spirit!

scrubs_2016_trh_pharmMy next stop at TRH was the pharmacy. I saw the staff reviewing medication orders, and preparing and dispensing medications for the hospital patients. I learned that the pharmacy is a busy, fun and exciting place to work. I especially enjoyed having a cup of cocoa with Janie and Stephen!

Then, I was off to the Transitional Care Unit. It was an awesome visit with TCU employees!

I learned the ins and outs of the Health Unit Coordinator job with Zoey, then learned about the crash cart and what to do in case of an emergency with Kandy. Ranessa and Kandy noticed that I was awfully nervous when it came to needles and IV fluids, so a nice picture on top of the crash cart calmed me down. Lastly, Katrina taught me what certain items in our stock room are used for. I especially liked learning about our Sani-wipes. “The cleaner, the better” is my motto up at the North Pole!

During my visit at TCU, I met friends and family from each and every patient in the unit. They all came to say hi to me and to wish me a Happy Holidays. Everyone was so nice and kept offering me special chocolate treats!

Next up at TRH, I observed the hard-working folks at the emergency department. I learned all about the various codes, and was amazed at just how many different types of workers there are in an ED – EMS, police, rescue, paramedics, nurses, HUCs, CNAs, environmental services and all types of clinicians and providers. It was great to see all the team work that goes into taking care of patients, families and team members.

For my last stop at TRH, I was welcomed by the Respiratory Department! I joined up in morning report with Sam and Richard, then off to the floors to help our patients! Unfortunately, I began having a little difficulty breathing, so I received a “stat” breathing treatment! It made me feel so much better!

scrubs_2016_trh_respiratoryThey took such amazing care of patients and helped families find their way to visit. I learned that Respiratory Therapists take care of patients all over the hospital. They care very much about their patients and want to make sure they know how to take their medications and when they should call for help. I really liked learning about all the different things Respiratory does!

Wonder where will I go next? Follow along!

Signing out,


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Happy holidays!