November 10, 2016

Minutes Count When You Have a Heart Attack – Steve Little’s Story

blog-steve-littleMarion Mayor Steve Little woke feeling like a fifty-pound weight was on his chest. He also experienced a severe heartburn-like sensation. A visit to McDowell Hospital emergency department quickly led to a diagnosis of coronary artery blockage.

Steve was impressed by the efficiency and clockwork coordination of the hospital staff as they readied him for transport to Mission Heart in Asheville. The local team assured him that there was no location better prepared to address his dire circumstance.

McDowell County EMS provided superb care en route to the Heart Tower, following advanced protocols developed in conjunction with the professionals at Mission Heart.

Dr. William Abernethy performed Steve’s cardiac catheterization, which revealed a 99 percent blockage of the right coronary artery. Two stents were deployed to open Steve’s artery.

“Within minutes I felt great! It was uncanny,” said Steve.

Minutes count when you, or a loved one, is having a heart attack. Mission Hospital caregivers are proud of the 42-minute average we have in opening a blocked blood vessel from the time a heart attack patient walks in the door. Steve and others are proud of it, too.

For the 11th time, Mission Hospital has been named a Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals by Truven Health Analytics. Read more here.