Ask the Doctor – Is There Any Truth To “Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever”?

By Lindsay F. Herbert, DO, Family Medicine
Mission Community Medicine Old Fort

shutterstock-woman-with-coldQ: Is There Any Truth To “Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever”?

A: There is no truth to this saying. What is true is that a well-balanced diet full of a variety of fruits and vegetables and fruits of all colors, as well as one high in fiber and lean protein, is always important – especially when you are sick.

The common elements that help to fight off infection – vitamin C and zinc – are found in these foods naturally. If you have a fever, it’s important to stay well hydrated with water as well. There is a lot to be said for “supportive care” during cold and flu season, which is symptom management between you and your doctor, and taking care of yourself with a healthy diet and rest to give your body the fuel it needs to heal.

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