September 7, 2016

My Healthy Life Podcast: Episode 4 – Choosing Hospice For Loved Ones, Early

This episode is part of a five-part series, PRIME, where we’re talking about trending healthcare topics.

Hospice care isn’t just what you do when you get older—it’s a thoughtful choice we make with our friends, family and loved ones so that we can live our best life until our last day.

Episode 4 – Choosing Hospice For Loved Ones, Early


“This isn’t an optional part of life. This is mandatory and we’re all going to go through it.”

Blog-Parmer_MichaelIn this episode, Mike Parmer, DO, chief medical officer at CarePartners, opens the door to a tough conversation about the end of life—something that’s inevitable and also something we may not like to think or talk about. How can we make the most of every day? How can we live comfortably? What is hospice care? Is it right for me and my family? And the million dollar question—WHEN is the right time for me and my family?

CarePartners Hospice and Palliative Care serves western North Carolina and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of life and comfort possible for their patients and loved ones. Learn more.

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