August 31, 2016

Continuing Education Brings Better Outcomes for Everyone

Blog-Philanthropy_Employee-Camp-Week-4Each year, we encourage our nurses at Mission Health to increase their competencies in their specialty areas, plus receive additional training and education so they can provide an even higher level of care for their patients. Being able to offer this advanced degree of nursing care brings better outcomes for everyone, both within and outside of our Mission Health family. We know that education has a direct impact on the outcomes our patients have, and the quicker patients can return to their local community to continue healing at home.

At Mission Health, we consider continuing education for nurses to be a critical funding need as our nurses are in many ways directly responsible for the outcomes of our patients. We offer our nurse team members multiple ways to advance their education, including:

  • Professional Development including nursing specialty conference education and travel as well as the ability for nurses to share innovative, evidence-based posters, podium and research presentations
  • Board Written Certifications (review courses)
  • Nursing Leadership Academies for Nurse Directors, Nurse Managers and Nursing Unit Supervisors/Charge Nurses
  • Career Progression Specialty Experiences: Senior Nursing Student Practicum and Special New Hire Group Cohorts

Many of these specialty areas in the hospital require that nurse team members have advanced degrees in order to work in them. So to continue our mission of delivering better outcomes for all of our patients, we offer programs for nurses to earn these degrees and certificates while continuing to work within Mission Health. But without the support of our Mission family and the community at large, we can’t fund these critically important initiatives. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a yearlong payroll deduction, we need your help.

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