July 26, 2016

“They Took Care of Us” – A Little Girl’s Custom Foot Brace Makes Life Better

Blog-MHL-Lillian2By Charles and Sarah Smith

Before being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, our five-year-old daughter, Lillian, began wearing a brace. She wears a custom ankle foot orthosis for her upper foot and ankle. We visited and moved to Sylva from Florida, because we knew Mission was a good hospital. They work great with kids. They’re family oriented.

A gentleman in CarePartners Orthotics & Prosthetics named Kent Ballard is her orthotist. Really, Kent was the hook, line and sinker from the beginning. I can’t say enough about Kent. He’s been doing it a while, and he’s always right on. We’ve had a couple of orthotists, and it’s hard to find a good hospital and orthotists. It’s priceless to have something like that. I even met the people who make Lillian’s custom brace — they’re good people, they’re just like you and me, and they’re just trying to make someone’s life better.

Before, it was one brace a year. Here was the first place to remake her brace as often as needed, because children grow. They reevaluated her every six months. They would even do a new brace if she has an extra growth spurt in between. All the staff is awesome.

I would recommend CarePartners 100 percent, they’ll take care of you. There’s a friendliness and welcoming. It’s a good thing. When things aren’t all peachy, you tell yourself this is the worst case scenario that you’ve got to deal with during the day, you’ll be fine. Mission definitely helps do that. They try to make the best experience out of a bad experience.

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This story originally appeared in Mission Health’s My Healthy Life magazine.