July 21, 2016

Creating a Healing Environment for Patients, Families, Visitors and Team Members

Blog-Healing_EnvironmentBy Ferriss Roberts

Let’s partner together to create a healing environment – an environment that is safe, clean, quiet, friendly and caring for our patients, families, visitors and team members.

Coming to a hospital can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety for those who seek our care. Some arrive in great distress while others come with great anticipation to welcome a new life into their family, and still others are facing uncomfortable but essential medical care. Our own team members, too, may be carrying their own burdens that can make already challenging days even more so.

That in mind, our goal is to create a place of healing and comfort for every person who walks through our doors.

Whether you’re a patient, family member or friend, rest is an essential part of your healing journey. Here are some of the ways we are working to create a healing environment:

  • Quiet time. Some areas and units are implementing designated quiet times to promote rest. Quiet times may vary from unit to unit depending on diagnoses and care plans. Nurses and care team members will also help you plan for visitation so you can ensure you’ll get to visit with loves ones and also get plenty of rest.
  • Patient and family rounding. “Rounding” is a team approach to your care, both at and away from the bedside. Rounding ensures care team members are checking on your needs, and keeping you and your family/friends informed.
  • Staying connected. Many areas of the hospital have charging stations, which accommodate a variety of phone, tablet and electronic devices, so you don’t have to worry about staying connected while you are visiting.
  • Comfort and relaxation. Many monitors in patient rooms have music channels to promote comfort and relaxation, which can be turned on upon request. You can also bring comforting and familiar items from home or a device to play music.
  • Interruption-free. Like rest, medications prescribed by providers are also an important part of a patient’s healing journey. To see that patient medications are administered timely and safely for each patient, nurses will wear a yellow sash to indicate he/she is preparing patient medications and should not be interrupted. That way, you know to find another care team member or visit the nursing unit desk if you have any non-emergent questions. But don’t worry, if it is urgent, your nurse or provider will be informed to assist you right away. Learn more about Respect The Sash.
  • Support system. Members of your care team will work with your loved ones to identify a primary contact to ensure efficient communication with your loved ones and support system.
  • Clean. Trash cans and recycle bins are located throughout waiting rooms, hallways, entrances and exits, so it’s easy for you to help keep areas clean. Meanwhile, our environmental services team members are on the back-end making sure all areas are accounted for and ready to go at all times so you have a comfortable and clean place to spend time while you’re visiting.
Have ideas or questions about creating a healing environment? Learn more about the Mission Experience.