July 15, 2015

Reduce the Stress of Everyday Life

I thought wellness was just about eating right and exercising. Then I went to my first acupuncture session with Chris Jacobs of MyHealthyLife WellConnectTM. Before the holiday season, I read a story about stress written by Chris. He said, “Stress is contagious.” This story helped me understand that I had stressors in my daily life. It also made me realize that I wasn’t doing anything to take care of myself. By not doing anything I was adversely affecting the people around me, in particular my husband and my two children.

I was more curious than apprehensive about acupuncture: Would I like it? Would it hurt? Would I feel the benefits? Would I do it again? In my first session Chris and I began by talking about my lifestyle. Then, he read the “pulses” that assess the energy (qi) in different parts of my body— arms, neck, and legs. Next came the needles, which felt like little pinches followed by a mild, lingering sensation. I hardly felt some of them. An hour later, I felt extremely relaxed. Yet, I could also take whatever came my way. I had good focus. Before I went in, I didn’t realize I was overwhelmed and holding on to so much stress.  Acupuncture helped me reset my body’s energy. I think we can all become stressed without an outlet. The way Chris put it, if we don’t have an outlet for our energy it becomes stress. The energy you hold onto and don’t vent out can become stress that is ultimately harmful for our bodies. After the acupuncture, I was more relaxed during the holidays, which made it much more enjoyable for others and myself.

When Momma is happy, everyone is happy. I’m planning to do acupuncture every three to four months to help my immune system in the transitions of seasons. The education that I got from Chris was so empowering. It really felt like I was learning how to personally take charge of my wellness. He gave me information. Now, I can make decisions on what I can do next to improve my well-being.

A Healthier You

Mission Health’s MyHealthyLifeWellConnectTM is here to support you on your wellness journey with a variety of services, therapies and classes in our new facility. Our team is trained in several therapies and class styles, and is committed to providing the highest quality care for you. It is our goal that each guest feels cared for and supported on his or her own journey to wellness. Services include:

Massage Therapy

Experience the relief of muscle tension, increased circulation and relaxation through a variety of massage styles from our skilled therapists.


Enable your own healing abilities by restoring the balance and natural flow of energy within your body.

Movement Classes

Awaken your body’s capacity for wellness through yoga, tai-chi, Zumba and a variety of other strength and cardio workouts.


Opening in April

275 McDowell Street, Asheville

Call (828) 213-8250 for more information regarding appointment times, movement classes and pricing.