February 2, 2015

Local providers increase use of nontraditional treatments

wellnessleadballantyneandsilwedelbyck-e1422456677804In this town, if you haven’t had an acupuncture appointment, massage, energy-healing session or herbal consultation, it’s more than likely you know someone who has. Modalities that were once thought of as hokey, or at least incompatible with the Western medical model, are becoming less alternative and more mainstream — so much so that Mission Hospital, Park Ridge Health and CarePartners all have integrative health offerings ranging from music therapy to guided imagery to tai chi.

Whether it be hospice patients receiving aromatherapy to soothe their agitation or cancer patients following up a chemotherapy session with an acupuncture session for pain relief, these therapies and more are now integrated into the traditional treatment programs. And, according to therapists interviewed by Xpress, the patient response has been overwhelmingly positive. If the integrative health programs at area hospitals have taught providers and patients anything, it might be that there are multiple ways to heal — and that those modalities work better when they work together. Click here to read the full article in The Mountain Xpress.