Women’s Cancer Q&A – Physical Therapy Benefits

Rebeca Bermudez, physical therapist with HOPE Women’s Cancer Center, answers questions about physical therapy.

Q: What issues do physical therapy address?

A: There are three primary areas I focus on when assisting women who are being treated for cancer:

Q: When should physical therapy start?

A: I’d like to see patients before treatment, particularly before surgery. The more patients know going in, the more they can start exercising in a way that can help them not be as fatigued after treatment. But every patient is different, and patients are referred to physical therapy at different stages during their treatment and recovery, based on their doctor’s or surgeon’s recommendations.

Q: What can patients do on their own to condition themselves?

A: Patients who know they’ll be undergoing cancer treatment soon can go ahead and start conditioning themselves on their own. I typically recommend the following:

Rebeca Bermudez is a physical therapist with HOPE Women’s Cancer Center.

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