Bike Helmet Safety – How to Protect Your Child from Head Injuries

By Beverly Hopps
Health Educator, Safe Kids WNC/Mission Children’s Hospital

Riding bikes is a classic kids’ pastime, and it can be lots of fun for children of all ages. But unfortunately, accidents can happen.

Some bicycle injuries are so serious that children can die, usually from head injuries.  That’s one of the reasons the U.S. government and safety experts recommend wearing a helmet every time you ride a bike, even if it’s just a short ride.

Still, wearing a helmet isn’t enough. Wearing the wrong helmet or not properly fitting a helmet may not offer all the protection a helmet should provide. Below are some safety tips to ensure your child is properly protected from head injuries while riding their bike.

Bicycle helmet tips:

Beverly Hopps is a Safe Kids Educator at Mission Children’s Hospital.

For more information or to bring your child and helmet in to have it checked out, call Safe Kids WNC at Mission Children’s Hospital at (828) 213-5548. Visit [1] to learn more.