March 29, 2018

Apple Health App Can Now Connect to Mission Health Patient Portal

Ever wish you could securely and easily carry around your health records at your fingertips?

If you have an iPhone, now you can!

With iOS 11.3, the latest software update for the iPhone, a new feature in the Apple Health app © makes it easy to access and view your health records. There you have it – health history at your fingertips.

What can the app do?

You can connect to Mission Health hospitals and physicians directly from the Apple Health app and be notified when new records are ready to view. You can view important health data in the Apple Health app across seven categories — allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals — all in a simple timeline view.

Apple will not have access to your health data nor your username and password for your Mission Health patient portal. You’ll just have a secure, easy way to look at your health data and contact your care team.

What does having my Mission Health patient portal in my Apple Health app mean for me?

You can now view your health record data chronologically

  • Get a timeline view of your health record data
  • View important areas of your health: allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications procedures and vitals

You can now see category-specific details

  • Details relevant to each data category are available, such as:
    • Reference ranges for lab results and vitals
    • Prescriber name and dosage instructions for medications
    • Reason, outcome and complications for procedures
    • Status and severity of conditions
    • Severity of allergy reactions
    • Reasons for immunizations

You can now be paperless and stay up to date with your health

  • Establishing a connection with your Mission Health patient portal through the Apple Health app enables you to download historical and future health records
  • When new records are available, they show up in the Apple Health app — you don’t have to do anything
  • Receive notifications so you’re always informed when new records are available

All your Mission Health records in one place

  • Your existing Mission Health patient portal connects you to a variety of services within Mission Health
  • The Apple Health app lets you see all of your health records from multiple doctors, clinics and hospitals
  • The Apple Health app also shows activity, heart rate, nutrition and other health data consolidated from iPhone, Apple Watch and third-party apps

Sounds great, how do I begin?

Set up is easy with a few simple steps

  • Open up your Apple Health app and under accounts, click add account
  • Find Mission Health among the list of health institutions
  • When prompted, enter your username and password for your Mission Health patient portal and follow the short setup instructions
  • Voila! Your records will start to appear in the Apple Health app

I’m not sure. Is my health data safe?

  • Health record data is encrypted and protected with a passcode on your iPhone – Apple cannot see your health records or your username and password for the Mission Health patient portal

To learn more about the Mission Health Patient Portal, visit

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