Liquid Laundry Pods – How to Keep Your Kids Safe and Prevent Poisoning

By Beverly Hopps
Health Educator, Safe Kids WNC, Mission Children’s Hospital

There has been a recent spike in poisoning incidents related to children ingesting liquid laundry packets – sometimes referred to as pods. A dangerous and unfortunate social media trend called the “Tide Pod Challenge” has led to several poisonings and even fatalities. Ingesting these pods can lead to difficulty breathing, vomiting, loss of consciousness and burning of the respiratory tract into the lungs. In many cases, the impact can cause lifelong health effects or even death.

Not only is it critical to spread the message to teenagers and older children that this “challenge” is dangerous and can be deadly, it’s also important to protect younger children against the dangers of ingesting these harmful chemicals.

Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Facts about Laundry Pod Dangers

If ingestion is suspected, the Poison Help line should be contacted at (800) 222-1222.

Beverly Hopps is a Safe Kids Educator at Mission Children’s Hospital.

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