October 25, 2017

Standing with Ben – How Mission Helped an Asheville Family Keep the Care They Need

When Jan King and her family learned that Mission would no longer be in network for their Blue Cross Blue Shield benefits, their reaction was understandable.

“Our first thought was, ‘oh no, what now?’” King reported. “Our adult son, Ben, has tuberous sclerosis and has been a patient of Dr. William Huffstutter since he was three years old, when we came to town 25 years ago.”

Ben’s condition means he requires an annual scan to check for benign tumors, and he also takes medication to help control seizures. King said her son has done well over the years, in part because of the familiarity he has with Dr. Huffstutter and with Mission.

“From a human, emotional standpoint,” King said, “to have had to change providers and disrupt Ben’s care would have been very difficult.” So when the family learned they could apply for Continuity of Care benefits to continue Ben’s care with Mission and Dr. Huffstutter, they thought, “What would be the harm in asking?”

Working with Angel Verdin in Mission’s Continuity of Care Concierge Service, the Kings felt guided and supported. “Mission could not have been more helpful, and we never felt out of the loop,” King said, describing the application process. Within just a few days, they got word from Mission’s team that their request had been approved, and that was subsequently confirmed by Blue Cross.

The Kings are glad they knew they could apply for Continuity of Care, and appreciate how easy Mission’s team made the process for them. They hope others who find themselves out of network will also pursue the Continuity of Care process. “People might be discouraged or scared, and the answer might not always be yes,” King said. “But it’s certainly worth a try.”

The Kings are grateful they don’t have to consider changing providers and disrupting Ben’s care. “The worry off Ben’s and our shoulders is extraordinary,” King said.

Insured by Blue Cross? You have options to keep your doctor and your care with Mission Health, and you may qualify for Continuity of Care. 

Click here to learn more about Continuity of Care options, or call (828) 412-6052.