October 13, 2017

Healthy Aging Tips – An Eye on Wellness in Your Golden Years

By William Maddox Jr., MD

No matter your age, health and wellness should be among your highest priorities in life. Many of us are fortunate – for years, prioritizing our health simply meant a couple of doctor’s visits each year and ensuring we got those recommended annual screenings. But as we grow older, more specialized care is needed to keep ourselves happy, healthy and active.

Here are a just a few ways to make sure you’re at your healthiest in your golden years:

  • Know the signs of stroke – Sixty-five percent of strokes occur in individuals over the age of 65, and simply recognizing it could be life saving. Click here to learn more about the FAST process to recognize a stroke. Want to learn more about stroke prevention and stroke rehab? Check out mission-health.org/stroke.
  • Prevent injuries – Sounds like obvious advice, we know, but it’s actually easy to avoid falls if you follow some simple plans around your house. Preventing falls also means preventing serious injuries, which often lead to complications for experienced adults. Check out our Fracture Prevention Service to learn more about avoiding falls and further injury if you’ve had previous falls.
  • Take care of your ticker – Unfortunately, many seniors are in need of heart surgery, but are too sick to undergo a procedure of that magnitude. There is good news, however, as Mission Heart cardiothoracic surgeons have exceptional patient outcomes using advanced valve repair and replacement technologies. Click here to learn more about this innovative procedure.
  • Be prepared in advance of any surgery – No matter the magnitude, a medical procedure can be a stressful and scary time. That’s why it’s important to know all you can about prep and recovery before your surgery. To check out our free Preoperative Education Classes, call (828) 213-2693. Learn how we can walk you through all the steps of presurgery through recovery so you know what to expect.
  • Take rehab seriously – Whether being treated after illness, injury or traumatic event, effective rehabilitation is vital to proper recovery. Fortunately for patients in western North Carolina, CarePartners offers inpatient rehabilitation programs for a multitude of illnesses, injuries and conditions, from stroke to traumatic brain injury to amputation, as well as home health rehab for patients who are aging, ill or recovering from an illness or an injury, right in the comfort of your own home. Click here to learn more about rehab and other services from CarePartners.

Continuing to prioritize your health in your golden years takes a little more specialized care, and a care team focused on patients and quality outcomes makes all the difference. Quality outcomes is exactly what patients can expect at Mission Health, named one of the Top 15 Health Systems by Truven Health Analytics based upon objective care quality standards.

Dr. William Maddox is a cardiologist with Asheville Cardiology Associates, Mission Heart. To learn more about heart services at Mission Health, visit mission-health.org/heart.
Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is Oct. 15-Dec. 7, 2017 – Mission Health is here to help you evaluate your options to keep your in-network access to Mission Health providers. There are Medicare Advantage plans available to help you keep your doctor in network. Learn more at missionstandswithyou.org.


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