August 24, 2017

Technology in Healthcare – Improving Care and Access for Patients in WNC

In this 21st-century world, we’re accustomed to instant digital access to virtually everything we need. Who doesn’t enjoy watching your favorite show on your phone, viewing a real-time weather radar or tracking the score of your favorite team? Advances in technology have improved our lives in countless ways.

When it comes to the health and wellness of you and your family, those tech advances take on a level of importance higher than any other. So, let’s explore a few ways technology is making a difference for patient care right here in western North Carolina.

Here are four ways Mission Health’s digital technology is improving care and access for patients:

  1. Cerner Patient Observer – This “smart room” tool features instant visual and audio alert monitoring for multiple patient rooms simultaneously and has eliminated falls in the neurosciences unit and avoided one-to-one sitter costs. The new technology uses cameras and 3D sensors to create “motion zones” around the patient’s bed or chair. It provides two-way communication between the patient and caregiver, and enhanced monitoring and alert screens for nurses to have instant notification of a potential risk – all from a central monitoring station.
  2. Virtual Clinic – When your doctor’s office is closed, you can simply go online instead. A Mission Virtual Clinic visit is fast, convenient and helpful – and it’s only $25. Mission Virtual Clinic treats a variety of common conditions, including cold, sinus infection and sore throat, flu, urinary tract infection, yeast infection, pink eye, cold sore and eczema. It’s a guided adaptive interview process, where a patient logs on to a secure website and responds to a series of 15 to 20 questions.
  3. Patient Portal – This online tool allows patients access to their personal healthcare information with just a click of the mouse. Patients can securely access their information 24/7 – managing their appointments, checking their records and now viewing their lab or imaging results in just 2 days. Connecting patients and Mission team members to improve health and wellness, Mission Patient Connect empowers patients to manage their healthcare information.
  4. Health Information Library – This searchable, interactive database is a comprehensive health encyclopedia that allows you to browse symptoms, treatments and other content. You can watch videos, complete assessments and access information that allows you to be the boss of your health, all at your fingertips. This content is standardized, up-to-date and evidence-based health educational materials for our clinical staff and patients.

Mission Health was named one of America’s Most Wired Health Systems by the American Hospital Association. Click here to learn more about the award and Mission Health’s innovative Information Technology team.

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