August 9, 2017

Questions about BCBSNC advertising

To Everyone Interested in Mission Health:

I’ve been asked by several people about “Mission Health’s plans for advertising to respond to the aggressive (and expensive) campaign launched by Blue Cross. Mission has placed a single advertisement in multiple community newspapers, and we may again advertise in a very targeted way to make sure our community stays informed about this issue. Blue Cross, however, has had multiple full page newspaper ads, radio ads, and even a TV commercial! They are dramatically out-spending Mission (using money paid by employers and individuals that should instead be used for patient care).

If there has ever been another person who is more willing to fight back against bullies and for justice than me, I haven’t met them. It’s just killing me. But we can’t make decisions based upon emotion, and we must always stay true to our mission – improving the health of the citizens of western North Carolina. Frustrating as this situation is, one thing is crystal clear: Mission’s resources must be used to benefit our community, not for advertising battles. We will never match Blue Cross dollar-for-dollar or ad-for-ad, and we never should.

So how does that square with the many suggestions we’ve received to be “more aggressive with our story?” We can tell our story using other forms of outreach (digital and social media, public displays, etc.), and most notably through the more than 12,000 incredible Mission team members and every community member interested in Mission Health – that’s you! Every single one of you can share our story on Facebook, email it to your neighbors, and discuss it with friends and family. There are many materials available on

In addition, here you’ll find our thoughts on the latest BCBSNC’s false and misleading “attack” ad that appeared in Sunday’s Asheville Citizens-Times. We’ve simply added back the truth. And below you’ll find an example of some images and content posted to social media to help provide more of our perspective. We invite you to share these freely with friends, family and the community at large.
Over the coming weeks, we’ll share more materials with you. Because we aren’t going to spend patient care money on an false and misleading attack ads like Blue Cross, we need your help in getting the word out. In particular, please let others know that they can choose to stay fully updated at

Thank you for your dedication to our community.

-Ronald A. Paulus, MD, President & CEO of Mission Health


*This post has been updated.

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